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The Corby campus smells so good!

I’m blogging today from Tresham’s Corby campus.  Tuesday’s are a busy day in Corby with lots of staff and students  around.  The Principal and College Leadership Group were all in this morning for their weekly meeting but have now all dispersed into other meetings so things have quietened down slightly.

My office is situated on the top floor of the campus directly above the canteen area.  On cold days like today it is increasingly difficult to resist the delicious smells coming from the kitchen.  This morning for instance the smell of bacon and toast came wafting up about 10:30am.  I managed to resist today even though everyone I saw greeted me with “doesn’t that bacon smell good?!”.

There is a Costa Coffee shop on campus so I went down for a latte mid-morning; another lovely smell at the Corby campus!  Some people love coffee and some people hate it; I am a lover of coffee and the queues at Costa indicate it is a popular choice for staff and students alike.

As this is (inadvertently) turning into a blog about the smells of the Corby campus I should mention the lovely smell that greets us first thing in the morning – chocolate!  The coffee shop have an array of cakes, cookies and pastries on sale daily and so when we arrive at 8:30am the smell of these baking is so good is almost makes me want to eat a cookie for breakfast!

Will power is definitely needed at this college!

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