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College By Numbers

It’s the second week of the Easter break at Tresham and the Corby campus is extremely quiet today.  Most staff seem to be taking some annual leave whilst others are in catching up in the quiet.  Term 3 starts next Monday, 15th April, and then it is only 12 weeks until the official end of term!  The academic years seem to be passing by more quickly every year.   Its only 260 days until Christmas!!  Now that Easter is over I wonder how long it will be before we see the first bits of Christmas merchandise in the shops…?


So with term 3 is on its way, 12 weeks until the end of term, and 260 days until Christmas this seems to be turning into a blog by numbers.  Here are some Treshamlife number based facts for you:


4……..learning pods at the Corby campus


9……..members of the College Leadership Group


28……rooms on the top floor of the Corby campus


86……percent of learners were satisfied with their course and would recommend the college to a friend (March 2012)


165…..seats in the performance theatre at the Kettering campus


538…..learners received training via the employer responsive arm of the College, Evolve Business Training in 2011/12


3,000…ebooks available via the Learning Resource Centres


7,654….full time and part time learners studied at the College in 2011/12


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