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Acronyms - Short & Sweet

In everyday life we are faced with an increasing number of acronyms and more and more people are speaking “in acronyms”.  Tresham as an organisation is no exception to this; new members of staff and new learners at the college find themselves faced with acronyms that seem like another language at first, but soon become second nature!

CLG        College Leadership Group

ILP          Individual Learning Plan

CMG      College Management Group

SFA        Skills Funding Agency

UTC        University Technical College

EDI         Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

TSU        Tresham Students’ Union

PDC        Personal Development Coach

So the next time someone says “Please ensure this PDC has completed ILPs for the entire class ASAP.  TSU are discussing EDI at CMG next week so ensure this is on the CLG agenda with SFA and UTC updates”….you will have some idea what they are talking about!

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